Are you looking for a flexible job in the transportation industry to make some extra money?  Great!  Join our team!

Open Valet Positions:

Part–Time Valet:   This position is typically in the evenings and weekends nights.  A typical week day shift might be from 5:00pm – 9:30pm, with a weekend shift from 5:00pm – 12:00am.  Times and locations do vary week to week.  Apply Here →  Click Me!

Week Day, Day Time Hours Valet:   This is a part-time position that varies between 8:00am and 5:00pm and is available several times a month.  Apply Here →  Click Me!

Restaurant Valet:   This is a part-time valet position at a restaurant the same day of the week.  Typically these positions are from 5:00pm – 10:00pm.   Apply Here →  Click Me!

Open Limo or Shuttle Driver Positions:

Limo Coach / Limo Bus Driver:  This is a part-time position for someone who has experience driving larger vehicles.  A Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) is preferred.  A typical shift is on Friday evenings/night and Saturday Day and/or Night.  Must be comfortable driving a group of people.  A typical run is 3 – 6 hours and may require a split of time (drop off and return later for pick up).  Apply Here →  Click Me!

Shuttle Van Driver:  This is a part-time position typically on week day mornings and/or afternoons as well as Friday evening and Saturday’s.  No CDL is required, but should be comfortable driving a van with up to 14 passengers.  A typical job is 3 – 6 hours and may require a split of time (drop off and return later for pick up).   Apply Here →  Click Me!

Operations Manager / Office Administration Position

This is a part-time, work from home 85% / on-site 15% position.  Typical work week would be 10 – 15 hours.  Scheduling of actual work hours is flexible as long as it meets needs of business.  This position is responsible for:

Employee Coordination: Creating schedules, contacting employees for availability, managing job assignments, attending job fairs, on boarding of new employees

Equipment Management: Responsible for inventory, preparing/planning equipment for job setup and check in after completion, report missing/broken/damaged equipment.

Office Administration: Prepares/manages job folders.  After each job is completed, enter summary details into work tracker and prepare payroll report.  Creates reports as needed / requested.

Stretch Objective: Assisting Marketing team with developing original content for Social Media posts/blogs

Desired Skills:  Computer / web savvy, email, Excel, Word, Facebook, App management

If interested, please call our office at 414-282-7060 or send an email to