Mission Statement

Our mission is to make a first and lasting impression at your special event with courteous, professional valet parking, parking directing, and shuttle services.

You can count on our team to be attentive to your guest’s needs, while ensuring a safe and orderly environment for drop-off and pick-up of vehicles. We understand event logistics, and always develop a custom solution built around your needs.

Whether you’ve never planned an event before, or you’re a professional event planner, we’ll make your life easier. We go above and beyond the basic expectations of a valet company. Besides being on-time, adequately staffed, and polite, you’ll find our team to be well-organized, efficient, and truly welcoming to your guests.

The Keehn’s team is fully insured and customer-focused; you can count on our uniformed employees to be well-mannered, approachable, and accountable at your event. We screen and train honest and responsible people because we know it matters. When you invite us to be part of your event, whether it’s at your home or a public venue, we will be the last thing you need to worry about. And, you’ll leave a great impression on your guests.

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Company History

Keehn’s was named after its original owner, Dave Keehn, who purchased the valet company from Roy’s Valet Service in the 1960’s. Dave was old school; with his top hat and trench coat, he built the foundation of the business on customer service and professionalism. In 1982, Dave Keehn sold the business to his son, Mark, and his nephew, Don. They grew the business and maintained its stellar reputation through a continued commitment to customer service. In 1993, Brian Schimmels, Don’s nephew took his first job in the company, as a valet parking attendant. By 2000 Brian was a manager in the business; he’s taken on more responsibility over the years, and today he serves General Manager, running all business and daily operations.

You can expect the same traditional values that were important to us 50 years ago when you bring our team into an event. Customer service, professionalism, and promptness continue to be the cornerstone of Keehn’s. We believe that well-trained, conscientious staff members will still leave that first and lasting impression, no matter the event.