Parking Directing

Large events with lots of vehicles require direction!

Keehn’s can help. Our parking directing team will flag your guests into the parking lot, show them where they need to go, and help line them up to use space effectively. We can even collect fees upon entry on your behalf.

While your guests will still be responsible for parking their own vehicle, you’ll optimize the space you have, enable easy in and out access, and give them clear path to start enjoying the event!  Our staff is dressed in highly visible attire and have directing wands to help ensure people know where to go. We have the expertise and experience to make sure your parking situation is effective, efficient and safe.

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    Fairs and Festivals

    Parking areas can dissolve into chaos quickly without proper attention and direction! While signage is important, having a human director will keep things orderly and ensure the maximum parking capacity in the designated area. You’ll get more people through the door faster, allowing them to enjoy your event, and get out of the parking area easier when they decide to leave.

    We’ve Worked With: Jewish Community Center, St. Johns on the Lake, Kathy’s House, Alexian Village, Silverado Care Facilities…

    Non Profit Events

    Parking direction can play a key role in making sure people’s first impression of an event is positive. From golf outings to run/walks to gala fundraisers, our parking direction team will make sure everyone has a smooth transition from parking their vehicle to supporting your cause! And, based on our informal survey, people who aren’t frustrated by parking spend more money during the event! Our parking directors will work with your venue to make sure vehicles are parked in an orderly manner, and that once your guests arrive, they know exactly where to go to find your group.

    We’ve Worked With: Coopers Hawk, Screaming Tuna, Bartolotta’s, Saz’s South Second, Zilli’s Hospitality

    Private Parties

    Special occasions deserve to be celebrated! Whether it’s a wedding, graduation, anniversary, birthday, or shower, if you plan to invite a large crowd of people, parking direction can be a key to making sure everyone’s arrival is pleasant. We’ll keep vehicles orderly no matter where your event is held: your home, or a public venue like a park or festival grounds. The Keehn’s team will ensure in and out access for late arrivals and early departures, and make sure people only park where they’re supposed to (no torn up yard!)

    We’ve Worked With: Discovery World, Harley Davidson Museum, Marquette University, Northwestern Mutual, Milwaukee Bucks…

    We’ve managed parking direction for hundreds of events over the years, at hundreds of locations. From large venues like Summerfest grounds, Miller Park, and The Petit Center to country clubs to private homes, we’re experienced at finding the best way to park vehicles, and effectively getting people into those spaces. You can trust us to help you make a first and lasting impression.