One question couples often asked us at bridal shows: Do you have a vehicle that can hold 30+ people? And, our answer is “no”.

In talking further with the couple and hearing the actual size of their party – which is generally 16 individuals or less – the reason they want a larger vehicle is to accommodate plus-ones. They are often under the impression that they need to (or they don’t want to leave plus-ones out). We help them to consider the benefits of “right-sizing”…

The Benefits to “Right-Sizing” Your Party Bus

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The truth is, from our decades of experience servicing weddings, we’ve learned that couples are often over-paying for what they actually need when they include their party’s plus-ones. For example, the bigger the bus, the bigger the bill, as larger vehicles are so much more expensive to rent!

Nonetheless, there are additional benefits to “right-sizing” transportation – it’s not just about cost-savings. In fact, continue reading. You just might discover reasons you haven’t even thought about yet.

Remember the Purpose of Renting Transportation

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We have all heard the K.I.S.S. acronym before. In this case, think about K.I.A.H.D., which means: Keep It About The Head Table.


This can help you focus on your nearest and dearest – the people who are standing at your side when you say your vows and seated with you at the head of the table, toasting your forever happiness. They were personally selected to be part of your bridal party and deserve to be in a luxury vehicle, enjoying food and beverages, spending quality time with you, the newlyweds.

Your Bridal Party Still Needs a Ride Home

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At the end of the night, your bridal party still needs to get home. If they aren’t planning to use Lyft or Uber, that means they will likely need their own vehicle. Typically, it is the plus-one that takes the car back to the hotel between the ceremony and reception, which is always helpful.

If you absolutely must have transportation for your plus-ones, consider renting our shuttle van or encourage carpooling.

Is Everyone Comfortable on the Party Bus?

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It might offer you peace of mind in knowing that plus-ones aren’t always comfortable traveling with the bridal party. In fact, they can often feel like the “odd guy out” as they might not know or connect with everyone.

Certainly, it’s nice of you to think of them, but they can take care of themselves – we promise. Moreover, they won’t resent you. In fact, they might appreciate you for not including them on the Party Bus list.

Additionally, limiting transportation to the bridal party can also be a lot more efficient when you’re making stops along the way for group photos or visiting favorite local hangouts.

How to Communicate Who is On the Party Bus

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We’re not saying you shouldn’t allow your bridal party a plus-one entirely – if they’re a high priority in your life, yes, they should feel free to bring a guest! Simply put, they will reconnect with their significant other after the Party Bus adventures are over, which is generally no more than 2 hours.

This day is about you and your spouse, which can be easy to forget when you’re getting overloaded with advice or trying to meet the expectations of others. And, you don’t owe anyone an explanation if you choose not to have plus-one’s ride along in the Limo Coach.

Just be upfront. How? Try this…

“Great news! We’ve rented a Limo Coach for the bridal party to get from the church to the reception as we plan to stop for some group pictures! The Party Bus fits a total of 16 individuals, which is just the right size for our bridesmaids and groomsmen! We can’t wait to celebrate with you!”

*Curious to know who absolutely needs a plus-one and who doesn’t? Click HERE to learn the rules of the game.

We’ll Get You to One of Life’s Biggest MomentsParty Bus to fit my bridal party in milwaukee

Yes, there’s a lot of planning and etiquette to consider when it comes to your wedding; whether or not to invite plus-ones on the Party Bus, however, shouldn’t stress you out. We imagine that you’re a caring person who wants to accommodate everyone, but there will be limitations, and that’s okay.

That being said, let that unnecessary stress slip away and focus on the positives, like walking down the aisle and exchanging your vows with the one you love.

Meanwhile, we’ll be here, ready to get you, your soon-to-be spouse, and your bridal party to one of life’s biggest moments.

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